Lessening Hurricane Irene’s (2011) Effects with Light-Life Harmonizers

Hurricane Irene was a major, intense hurricane that caused widespread destruction along the U.S. east coast in late 2011. We received the following Testimonials from customers who utilized the Light-Life Harmonizers to divert the effects of the storm. They write:

1. “We are now on the other side of Hurricane Irene and I’m happy to report that all went well here in my area. I never lost power, though many in neighboring towns did. I know of at least five others who had Light-Life Harmonizers going continuously and our area managed well with very minor damage. I configured the tools as follows: I put an Light-Life Agricultural Harmonizer on top of the Light-Life Storm Chaser with the Environmental CD playing continuously. A “double terminated crystal configuration” was activated to assist with the project – click here to see the crystal configuration, it can also be printed and utilized that way. Intention was set to change negative energy to positive, and to allow the positive energy to go where the Earth needed it most. Intentions were also set to aid the Earth and people who were experiencing the brunt of the storm. A combined effort enabled those in New York and northeast to get through what had potential for devastation.”

2. “Since I started using the Light-Life Matrix 22 Harmonizer with the Environmental Clearing CD, I have noticed that hurricanes headed toward Florida since 2007 have either redirected themselves northward or dissipated. When Hurricane Irene started to move north toward North Carolina, experts were predicting a category 3-5 hit with major destruction-from water surges and flooding, to great damage to the northeast mega-city corridor. I was a bit frustrated that no one there had a Harmonizer. It occurred to me that I could try something: I put the Harmonizer with the Environmental Clearing CD on a map of the east coast. Pretty soon after, Hurricane Irene was downgraded to a category 1.”