The Light-Life Tools: Healing Bees & Beings

Valerie Solheim, PhD in Boulder, CO is conducting a research study titled, “Healing Bees & Beings” which includes the Light-Life Tools.

She writes: “…our contribution is to the restoration of the beehive effect that will invigorate the whole hive colony and its environment. We support the beehive colonies with Energy Transfer Tools (ETTs) that create an electromagnetic (EM) frequency field that couples with the hive’s EM field, enabling them to return to their natural state of optimum potential which will simultaneously support us and our environment.”

She continues, “Slim Spurling and his partner Bill Reid, dedicated their professional lives to the study of geobiological stress and frequency transfer. I visited the Light-Life company office to learn more about their tools and ask for their support in my research. They immediately and enthusiastically embraced my “bee healing bee” theory. Not only did they express great interested and concern for the bees but, on their own, they had provided tools to beekeepers to help relieve the distressed hives.”

To learn about her research, and how the Light-Life Tools are being implemented and studied, visit her website:, or email Dr. Solheim at