The Eye Mask is made out of copper wire. It is then plated with a layer of silver, a layer of 24K gold, and then another layer of silver. It comes with an adjustable elastic strap. Katharina originally developed this Tool for a young boy who had eye problems. He was using Light-Life Nose Mask over his eyes to get relief. As a result, she decided to create an eye mask that one can wear like eyeglasses. Wearing the eye mask for only five minutes a day may improve eyesight and relax your eyes.

Early reports said, “When wearing the eye mask it feels like the optic nerve and the eyes relax quickly and therefore preventing possible headache.” We also received reports showing amazing results alleviating headaches and migraines within minutes after putting on the eye mask.

Not only our Eye Mask can relax your eyes, but it can bring relief to parts of your body. Another testimonial from one of the users suggests that placing this tool on her thyroid glands was helpful to support the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Please note: we are not qualified to give any medical recommendations. We also don’t guarantee that your eyesight will improve.

Our talented metal-smiths make Light-Life Tools closely following all the principles that Slim Spurling developed through his life-long research. We manufacture all our Tools in the shop in Erie, Colorado. Each Tool is unique in its own way. The measurements are based on the principles of sacred geometry and quantum physics. In addition, most of our Tools are compact and can travel well, so everywhere you go, you can also bring their healing benefits.

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