The Large Lost Cubit Heavy Feedback Loop, silver plated, may help resolve mental stress. Since the Lost Cubit measurement is most closely associated with the emotional or mental realm, this Light-Life Tool may help clear blocks in your psyche. Try clipping this Feedback Loop to a Lost 3 ½ Cubit Heavy Tensor Ring and meditate inside it. The experience may be profound. This Tool may bring a good night’s sleep. Place it on your nightstand with the bead pointing up. Insomnia may decrease allowing you to feel refreshed all day long.

It may also assist in decreasing physical and emotional conditions. This Light-Life Tool may help to draw out negative energy and immediately replace it with positive energy. Simply point the narrower end of the Feedback Loop towards the area of discomfort and help sooth your body and mind. Additionally, it could be effective in breaking up disharmonious energies. It may help resolve mental stress. Anxiety may decrease. Chakras may become balanced.

When describing the difference between the Feedback Loop and Acu-Vac Coil, Slim Spurling compared the Acu-Vac Coil to a water hose and the Feedback Loop to a power-washer for extracting negative energy. Similarly, both Light-Life Tools may help to relieve physical discomfort. In addition, Slim said, “The idea is to take the negative energy from an injured part of the body, mirror that energy, change the phase and feed it back into the body. The process is called a wave canceller.” This and more can be found in the book, In the Mind of a Master.

Please take a few minutes and watch Slim Spurling explain the difference between the Feedback Loop and the Acu-Vac Coil in this video.

Technical Information

The Large Lost Cubit Heavy Feedback Loop, silver plated, is approximately 8″ L x 6 ½” W. It weighs a little over 1 pound. The heavier gauge copper wire used produces a stronger energy field. The base of this Tool is copper. It is then plated in a layer of silver, a layer of 24K gold, and finally another layer of silver. Silver is a superior electrical conductor and can handle higher voltages of power. Therefore, the energy field of this Acu-Vac Coil seems to be stronger and smoother acting. It operates at a finer higher frequency vibration.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs