This Nose Mask is made of twisted copper wire, then plated with a layer of silver followed by a layer of 24K gold plated. It seems to ionize the air breathed in when placed on the face. In our early research, we found that copper puts off negative ions, which in turn are good for the body. Breathing through the Nose Mask has been compared to breathing in the cool ocean air, which may help the user breathe easier naturally. Many of our customers reported great allergy relief after wearing this Nose Mask. To summarize, the gold-plated Nose Mask has the same principle as the copper Nose Mask. However, some believe gold to be an energy generator and remover of blockages with the power to strengthen, amplify and conduct energy. It is is a good choice where high pollution exists or in the salt air coastal regions.

The Nose Mask is constructed in such a manner that it becomes a superconductor. This means it naturally carries a high current of electrons with no voltage. It is safe and helpful to the body. This energy might aid in producing ionized oxygen. It is already known that when copper is exposed to water it will oxidize – moisture from your breath comes in contact with the copper. As you breathe in, the ionized oxygen is ripped off the copper pulling a copper ion with it. This appears to have a mild antibacterial effect.

As we mentioned before, this mask may help you get allergy relief and  help breathe easier.  A lot of users also reported their asthma symptoms subsided, as well as symptoms of chronic sinus infections did. Learn more about this Tool in the video.


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