The Environmental Clearing CD may help to expand the energy field of Light-Life Energy Harmonizers. This CD is basically the frequency of water molecules in a cloud. This sound expands the energy field of a Harmonizer. Additionally, reports have said this frequency helps decrease toxins in the environment. Simply place your Energy Harmonizer in front of a speaker as the CD is playing. Likewise, some people even put headphones or earbuds around the Harmonizer.

The audio frequencies on this CD are carefully chosen to represent the molecular frequencies of very pure water. It’s not musical in any form. Rather, it is purely a technical set of frequencies produced as a representation of the frequency of water molecules in a cloud. It sounds like distorted white noise. This frequency may expand the Harmonizer’s energy field to 65 or more miles, depending on which Harmonizer you are activating.

Play this CD anytime there is disharmony in your environment. This could be in the form of bad weather or an incoming storm. Perhaps there’s an argument or tension at home or in the office. Maybe there is an illness spreading around friends or family. Operating the CD 24/7 at a low volume may help eliminate air pollution and other toxins in the environment. Likewise, this CD can be played anytime the Harmonizers needs to be reactivated. Don’t forget to first hold the Harmonizer and set the intention before activating.

Use your intuition on when and how to use the Environmental Clearing CD.

Please watch this video on Slim Spurling explaining Light-Life Energy Harmonizers.

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