Slim Spurling Interview with Alan Steinfeld DVD. Alan Steinfeld is a writer, producer, and speaker in the fields of human potential, metaphysics, healing, creativity, and spiritual awakening. He interviewed Slim Spurling for his TV program, New Realities.

In this interview, Slim shows the different Tools and gives examples of how they can serve us. He explains the concept of the Tensor field, how he invented the first Sacred Cubit Ring, and other Light-Life Tools. Furthermore, here Slim shares amazing stories of how his Tools helped so many people all over the world.

Slim Spurling Interview with Alan Steinfeld DVD is the best way to learn about the Tools – from the creator himself. Everyone who knew Slim in person, always pointed, out that he had an amazing skill of explaining complex things in a simple way. Therefore, everyone from laymen to scientists could understand. In this interview, you can catch the real essence of Slim, his commitment to this planet and humanity, and his integrity. We highly recommend this DVD if you really would like to understand the concept and the basics of Light-Life Tools, numerous applications for you, your loved ones, and the home we call Earth.

This interview was filmed in August 2006 in New York City.

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