Grandmothers Drum CD is filled with unique sounds designed to take the listener into a deep meditation. These sounds are recorded frequencies derived from the Molecular Frequency Scanner of the Denver Clearing Project Slim Spurling conducted on March 18, 1994. Then, these frequencies were ran through a analysis software program. The result was a smooth frequency curve from high amplitude to low amplitude. The sounds may represent a long drawn out sigh of relief from the environment.

When this CD is played with an Energy Harmonizer, the sounds seem to push the environment towards calmness and flowingness. When listening to this CD through earphones, the body seems to relax taking oneself into a deep meditation. It may even help let go of long held subconscious tensions. After a few short hours of listening to this CD, customers have reported enhance creativity. Mental process may also be sped up allowing ideas to flow and clarity strengthened.

Use caution when listening to the Grandmothers Drum CD. It is a more advanced frequency. The idea behind it is to take the listener into a deep meditation. Avoid driving and other activities after playing this CD. Use your intuition on when and how to use this CD. This CD sounds like distorted white noise.

The Cosmic Washtub Energy Harmonizer includes the Grandmothers Drum CD. This is Light-Life Tools largest and most powerful Energy Harmonizer created to help with environmental concerns. It helps prevent and divert severe storms and eliminate air pollution. It also helps balance the energy in your community and create a harmonious environment.

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