Geobiology, Dowsing & Light-Life Tools, DVD, walks you through the necessary steps to learn how to dowse geopathic stress zones. Slim Spurling gives you the information to help eliminate health issues due to geopathic stress zones and the Hartmann Gridd. Health issues can appear in the form of stress, chronic discomforts, fatigues, unstable relationships, financial situations, decreased business productivity, and so much more. Geopathic stress zones can be man-made or naturally occurring. Oftentimes, these zones are near earthquake faults, underground streams, landfills, cell phone towers, power plants, and more. .

Dowsing, a common practice in many cultures, is an art that dates back thousands of years. It interfaces the earth’s energies with our own energy. Think of dowsing as our intuition communicating with us through the dowsing tools. It’s as simple as asking a clear question with a clear intention and watching the dowsing instrument for an answer. It is fairly common in the U.S. to use a dowser to locate water or other underground lines, as well as oil. However, it is less-common knowledge that people can actually use this ancient art in many different ways.

Slim Spurling realized that dowsing could be used to detect and block toxic energies caused by geopathic stress zones. This DVD shows real-life examples of Slim using his dowsing instruments to block negative energy and redirect the flow around the area that needs to be protected from geopathic stress. Also included in this video is Slim discussing the discovery of Light-Life Tools. He talks about the history behind the Tools, including the principles of sacred geometry. Slim also introduces the Tensor Rings and how the work.

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