Lost ½ Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K Gold Plated

The Lost ½ Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K gold plated, measures approximately 3 ¾” in diameter and weighs 3.2 ounces. It may:

  • Clear past issues that no longer serve you
  • Help open energy meridians
  • Stimulate the 8th chakra
  • Strengthen psychic abilities

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Lost ½ Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K Gold Plated


The Lost ½ Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K gold plated, was created to increase psychic abilities. It may allow you to see through different dimensions. This Ring may open you up to see the bigger picture, such as what is happening globally as well as what is far reaching in the Universe.

This Ring may help circulate energy flow through the body’s meridian lines. This may help unblock stagnant energy leaving your body aligned and functioning properly. Your 8th chakra may become activated. This could heighten your spiritual awareness. It may also give you the opportunity to connect with your higher self.

When not used for psychic readings, this New Dimension Ring can be a metaphysical powerhouse. It may help you clear out long-standing issues that no longer serves you. As the transformation can be quite intense, healing practitioners find this Ring to be a great addition to their tools. Because of this, they are able to carefully guide the recipient of this positive.

Excerpt from “In the Mind of a Master”

Slim Spurling said in the book, In the Mind of a Master:
the results of this research indicated that the (New Dimension) Rings seem to have a strong grounding of the body while allowing the energy to flow where it is needed.” He noted that “the energy field of these Rings seems to extend past the tensor field into the peripheral or outer edge of the Rings shown vibrantly in the rings’ aura.”

Some of the field reports claim the New Dimension Ring seems to create a strong energy sense of the 8th Chakra (the one immediately above the crown). The energy seems to start there and work its way down. You may feel a wave of emotions a few hours after this, as it appears to cause a cleansing and/or adjustment to happen. The New Dimension Ring appears to “plug into” the emotional and mental areas and appears to enhance positive qualities.


The Lost ½ Cubit New Dimension Ring, 24K gold plated, measures approximately 3 ¾” in diameter. It weighs about 3.2 ounces.
A double twisting wire forms the New Dimension. This Ring’s base is copper. It is then plated by two layers. First layer being silver, then followed by 24K gold.

While our standard Light-Life Rings may be used to contain the field of our Harmonizers to the size of the ring, we found that our New Dimension Light-Life Rings significantly expand the field of the Harmonizers.

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