Lost 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, Copper

The Lost 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, measures about 11 ½” in diameter and weighs 0.4 ounces. It comes with 3 copper beads attached. It may:

  • Draw in positive life force energy
  • Neutralize harmful EMFs
  • Release emotional baggage
  • Provide restful sleep

Please see the description below for additional information about this Light-Life Tool.


Lost 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, Copper


The Lost 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, may help neutralize EMFs. This Ring helps the negative energy not reach you at a cellular level. Place this Tensor Ring over your computer tower, monitor, smart meter, or any other electronic device to help neutralize EMFs. Here is how Hans Becker, the researcher we worked with, explains it:

“The Light-Life Ring is a closed-loop wire. If a wire has current going through it, it’s going in a right-hand roll direction creating magnetic lines.  These magnetic lines are going in two directions within a circle and cancel one another out. Then you have pure current, a super current vector.  In AC fields like monitors, it’s flipping – so these are going back and forth but this vector is always canceled.  It turns into current in the ring and basically, it creates a blocking effect.”

Please watch this video of Slim Spurling explain the Sacred Cubit and Lost Cubit Tensor Rings.

Further, the Lost Cubit Tensor Ring was created to help bring mental clarity. It’s also designed to help you focus. Place this Ring over your head when your brain is feeling a little foggy. Place this Ring on your chair. It may help provide extra focus to get through the day.


The Lost 1 ½ Cubit Tensor Ring, copper, is approximately 11 ½ inches in diameter. It weighs around 0.4 ounces.
This Tensor Ring’s base is copper. It comes with 3 copper beads attached which increases the strength and density of the tensor field.

Tensor Field of Light-Life Rings

The tensor field of our Light-Life Rings is the empty space within the circumference. The tensor field creates a higher vibration that may bring beneficial life-force to everything within its energy field.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs


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Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs